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The inventor and designer sees the principles of bubble tents

Pierre-Stéphane Dumas in the lowest possible energy and material consumption as well as in maximum comfort and noticeable proximity to the environment.

“I designed this type of temporary living especially for ecotourism and for travelers who are looking for a special experience,” explains Dumas. “As soon as the season is over, the tents can be folded up again with little effort and without great environmental impact. Nature can simply take the place back. "


BUBBLE TENT hotel feeling

The bubble tents have a diameter of about five meters and offer space for two or three people

The shell of the bubble tents is resistant to UV light - so don't be afraid of sunburn!

If it gets stormy, the ball can withstand winds of up to 90 km / h.

Without the turbine, however, the bubble tent would simply collapse. It also ensures fresh air throughout, inhibits the deposition of moisture and the formation of bacteria.

The bubble tent is accessed via a special airlock. Somehow, the natural soap bubble is slowly becoming a sophisticated space station. After all - the turbine only needs 60 watts in operation.

The turbine itself is very quiet at around 35 decibels - like the ticking of a wristwatch or a light breeze.

Oh yes, thanks to a filter, it only blows air into the interior - and no insects. Nature should stay nice outside

Discover nature with us.


Experience unique nights at Lake Attersee


In our bubble tents - the transparent ball tents.

An overnight stay in the BubbleTent is a real nature experience, away from the ordinary.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can relax your body and soul without sacrificing the comfort of a hotel.

Try glamping!


"Glamping" is an artificial word and stands for "glamorous camping", ie a particularly luxurious and comfortable variant of camping. Leave the times of leaky air mattresses and clammy sleeping bags behind you and enjoy a luxury camping holiday with Bubble-Tent.

You can relax in the middle of the most beautiful nature, comfortably in tents with the right beds and perfect ambience: everything is already set up ready for occupancy and fully furnished.You only have to book, arrive, unpack and off you go.

Spend the night in the "bubble"


The latest craze in extraordinary overnight stays in the Salzkammergut - the Bubble Tent Hotel.

It can hardly get much closer to nature. Only separated by a thin, transparent tarpaulin, with a view of the wonderful starry sky.

Bubble Tent Hotel an experience that you will hardly forget soon. Separated from the stress of everyday life, there is immediate recovery. Also thanks to the perfect equipment.

Around the Bubble Tent Hotel, the numerous hiking trails in the Salzkammergut invite you to take shorter or more extensive hikes and the many lakes tempt you for a top-class bathing holiday.



1 and 2 is a bubble about 4 meters high

and a diameter of about 5 meters

It is inflated with a quiet motor for 24 hours


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