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General travel conditions



1. How to book?


You can book by phone, through various adventure platforms, travel agencies or through our website. We require the following information: Name and address, e-mail address, and if you would like to book optional equipment from us.

2. Our prices are inclusive:


Prices for the accommodation include electricity and all facilities on the premises, with the exception of paid services (such as breakfast, electric bikes, picnic basket, binoculars, etc.).


3. Our prices are exclusive: 


Local taxes, tourist tax (unless stated otherwise), insurance and optional extras are not included in the price.

4. Booking


After each booking, you will automatically receive an email confirmation of your booking. The classification is based on the incoming bookings. It is your responsibility if you arrive with more people than is stated on the booking confirmation. It can be denied access to the place.


5. Payment


You must make a deposit equal to 100% of the total rental price. Payment must be made in any case within 14 days of the date of booking. Only after receipt of this payment we are bound to the booking,


6. Changes to already made bookings


It is possible to change the tent or the period depending on availability. You can change it for free until April 1st. After the 1st of April an allowance of € 25,00 per change will be charged. However, this change may result in an excess or partial cancellation. If you have booked early bird rates that are no longer valid at the time of the change, the current prices will be charged. Changes can only be made for the respective season. Up to 8 weeks before arrival at the property, the booking can be changed with a maximum of 2 times per booking. For changes made within 7 days of the date of the booking confirmation, except for bookings made within 8 weeks prior to arrival, no fees will be charged. For changes that include a partial cancellation (e.g., reduction of the reserved period), this part will apply to the cancellation policies. For changes on site, we charge € 25.00 and there will be any additional costs for you.


7. Special wishes


We endeavor to fulfill special requests, such as group bookings, preferences, alternative periods etc ... as much as possible.

If available, we can gladly provide you with shared bookings. Please contact us.


8. Cancellation policy


All reservations canceled within 7 days of the date of the booking confirmation are free of charge, except for bookings made within 8 weeks of arrival at the property. It is necessary to cancel in writing (or by e-mail). If canceled between 7 days after the date of booking confirmation and 8 weeks before arrival at the accommodation, 30% of the total price of the reservation and the cost of the reservation will be charged. In case of cancellation between 8 weeks before arrival at the accommodation and the day of arrival, the full price will be charged. We recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance. About your stay


9. Arrival / departure / stay Upon arrival,


the accommodation will be available from 15.00, and you will be asked to arrive at the property between 13.00 and 15.00. On the day of departure, the latest departure time is at 12.00.

In principle: 2 persons per bubble tent.

We reserve the right to refuse alternative reservations, especially groups (three or more young adults without children) may be refused.


10. Travel documents


You are responsible for having valid travel documents required for your destination. Children of all ages have their own travel document, no matter which country you travel to.


11. Pets


Pets are not allowed on the property.

12. the hotel area


Glamping holiday is a holiday in nature, means a bubble tent is not a house. It should therefore be noted that all sounds are much better audible.

A bubble tent may also have unwanted visitors, such as insects, deer or moles; This is not a result of unsanitary conditions, but is due to the environment in which you are located.

In case of inconvenience, you are welcome to consult our staff, who usually have a solution.


13. Habits abroad


A holiday abroad means other people, different customs and other things that are different than you are used to at home. We recommend a flexible attitude, and remember that many things happen at a different pace than you and we would like. Repairs can sometimes take longer than you are used to.

With a little understanding and not too high expectations, you can save trouble.


14. Furthermore  


It is not allowed to set up a party tent on the property. mutual consideration and respect is requested.


15. The low season


In the off-season, it is a little quieter in every tourist region. Therefore, it may happen that certain devices are not yet open or are no longer open, e.g. the swimming pool, some restaurants or some shops.


We recommend to take this into account.


16. Availability

If the reserved accommodation can not be offered (at our discretion), we will inform you promptly and will offer an equivalent alternative. If the applicant does not want to accept this offer, we will immediately refund any payments already made.

In case of force majeure (storm, etc.) the Bubble Tent Hotel is entitled to postpone the booking at short notice. In this case, an equivalent alternative is offered, If the applicant does not want to accept this offer, we will immediately refund any payments already made.

17. Smoking


In the Bubble Tents it is not allowed to smoke.


18. Not completely satisfied?


We have done everything to convey a picture of the accommodation and the surroundings. If the offer is not in accordance with the expectations, taking into account the customs and practices of the country and the places where the accommodation is located, users must inform the property in writing. These will strive to find an acceptable solution.

Still remains a reason for a legitimate complaint, so it must be within 4 weeks of the last night in the accommodation at the latest. The Bubble Tent Hotel is not responsible for external factors such as: weather, construction or on-site maintenance, pests, noise, odors or floods,


19 prizes


The prices in this program remain, apart from any publication errors, really obvious errors, during the period of validity of this program. The prices are valid with prior reservation. Offers are not valid for on-site bookings at the campsite. Bubble Tent Hotel guarantees the right to charge for changes in prices and rebate systems and / or a surcharge. At the time of booking. The price stated on your confirmation / invoice is binding. If the confirmation has been sent to you by Bubble Tent Hotel, discounts or special offers will no longer be valid.

Tourist tax for our locations, you pay locally. 

20. Provision of a substitute accommodation


Bubble Tent Hotel can provide the guest with an adequate alternative accommodation (same standard), if this is not absolutely unreasonable. A factual justification is given, for example, if the reserved rooms have become unusable, if there is no gross negligence on the part of Bubblr Tent Hotel or if other important operational measures necessitate this step.

Contact us:

 phone: 0043 660 123 111 9



monday:                09:00 - 17:30 Uhr

tuesday:               09:00 - 17:30 Uhr
wednesday:             09:00 - 17:30 Uhr
thursday:              09:00 - 17:30 Uhr
friday:                09:00 - 17:30 Uhr

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