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Experience unique nights in the Salzkammergut.


In our BubbleTents - the transparent ball tents.


An overnight stay in the BubbleTent is a true nature experience, away from the ordinary. Enjoy the unique location with uninterrupted views of the diverse landscape of the Salzkammergut. Away from the city bustle, you can dangle body and soul without giving up the comfort of a hotel.


Try glamping! "Glamping" is an artificial word and stands for "glamorous camping", which means a particularly luxurious and comfortable variant of the campsite.


Leave the days of leaking air mattresses and cramped sleeping bags behind and enjoy a luxury camping vacation with Bubble-Tent.

You relax in the middle of beautiful nature, comfortably in tents with real beds and a perfect ambience: everything is already set up ready for occupancy and completely furnished. You just have to book, arrive, unpack and you're ready to go on holiday.

Staying in the "bubble"


The latest craze in exceptional nights in the Salzkammergut - the Bubble Tent Hotel.


It hardly goes much closer to nature. Only separated by a thin, transparent tarpaulin, with a view of the wonderful starry sky and in the midst of the wonderful nature of the Salzkammergut,


a holiday in the new Bubble Tent Hotel is an experience you will hardly forget. Secluded from the stress of everyday life immediately sets in. Also thanks to the perfect equipment.


Around the Bubble Tent Hotel, the numerous hiking trails in the Salzkammergut invite you to shorter or more extensive hikes and the many lakes lure you to a beach holiday in a class of its own.

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