The airtent combines with its eye-catching dome a classic form with the high demands on modern event technology. The extremely short construction time compared to conventional dome tents and the low transport volume save budget and nerves, so that you can focus on the essentials at your events.


The inflatable tents are versatile. Whether as a fair tent, event tent, promotional tent, or as a tent lounge, VIP tent, DJ tent, party tent - wherever temporary buildings are needed,

the AirTent can show its strengths.


The futuristic design attracts attention from afar, directing the flow of visitors in your direction. The high light-flooded dome, as well as the transparent side walls of the promotion tents creates a pleasant atmosphere, which enhances your products and increases the average length of stay.


The Airtents are rodless, inflatable event tents of the new generation!

The first bubble-tents of Austria take place

670 meters above the lake Attersee

with a spectacular view

Feld2/4853 Steinbach am Attersee




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